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How Automatic Doors Can Help Your Business in Summer 

With the cost of living crisis continue worsening, business owners are now looking for more ways to save money on their business operations.

the latest Verdant survey, most UK residents are not planning to go abroad for a vacation and just stay home for the upcoming summer. This means more British are visiting the nearby towns and cities which will provide a significant surge of footfall in local shops, restaurants, and other city attractions.

Footfall in the Summer

The analytics firm Springboard remarked that the summer break brings a massive amount of footfall in retail facilities. A huge chunk of this is found in high streets where retail businesses experience a huge increase in customers.

As soon as the school semester ends, retail footfall across the UK continues to boost. The same situation in the hospitality and catering sector when families and groups would dine out together in the local restaurants or book a holiday to make the most of their short time off work.

How Automatic Doors Can Help with the Heavy Footfall

Automatic doors are commonly used in commercial premises and there are many reasons for that. Retail psychologists say that how a premise looks from the outside can impact the customers’ mindset and reaction. What they see from the outside, including the doors, signages, displays, etc. With automatic doors, your store or business can look welcoming and easy to enter from the customer’s point of view. While a closed, standard door can subconsciously deter them from approaching.

Having automatic doors makes it a lot easier to control the traffic that gets in and out of your space. Manual and revolving doors tend to slow down customers and often lead to bumping one another.

Automatic doors can also make entering very easy for disabled customers or those with heavy shopping bags, and pushchairs. In addition, automatic doors also save a lot of space, especially sliding doors which make them more suitable in more compact premises.

How Automatic Doors Can Help During Summer Heat

Like how automatic doors keep heat inside the premise during the cold winter season, they are also equally helpful during the summer. It keeps the cold temperature from the air conditioning so your customers can continue shopping or dining without discomfort.

There are also eco-friendly automatic doors that open when people approach and close as soon as they walked past. This prevents the cold air from the air conditioning from going out so you can save on your energy bills. By keeping your premise closed and open when necessary, automatic doors can also stop dirt, dust, and bacteria from entering.

Automatic Door Maintenance – DUK Doors

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