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Gilgen Door Systems

Gilgen Door Systems is a globally recognised leader in the field of automated door systems. With a rich heritage spanning several decades, Gilgen has established itself as a pioneer in developing innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions for various industries.

The brand has a proud history that dates back to 1961 when the company was founded in Schwarzenburg, Switzerland. Over the years, Gilgen has grown into a renowned brand, synonymous with exceptional quality and expertise in automated door systems. Their commitment to excellence has earned them the trust of customers worldwide.

Gilgen Door Systems offers a comprehensive range of automated door solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Their product portfolio includes sliding doors, swing doors, folding doors, revolving doors, fire-rated doors, and security doors. These solutions are tailored to suit different applications, such as commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, hotels, and retail establishments.

At the core of Gilgen’s success lies its relentless pursuit of innovation and advanced technology. They continuously invest in research and development to create state-of-the-art door systems that integrate seamlessly with modern architectural designs. Gilgen’s doors are equipped with intelligent features like sensor-based activation, touchless access control, energy-saving mechanisms, and real-time monitoring, ensuring optimal functionality and user convenience.

Gilgen Door Systems places a strong emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency. Their doors are designed to minimise heat loss, reduce energy consumption, and enhance the overall building’s eco-friendliness. By incorporating energy-saving components and smart control systems, Gilgen contributes to sustainable building practices and helps clients achieve their environmental goals.


At DUK Doors, we are committed to delivering customized solutions to meet all your automatic door requirements in the United Kingdom. With our extensive industry experience, we recognise the significance of selecting the most suitable automatic door system, which is why we meticulously consider every aspect of the design process.

Our diverse range of automatic door systems caters to businesses across various sectors, including hotels, hospitals, and both public and private organisations. We provide comprehensive installation packages, and in cases where cost-effective repairs are not feasible, we offer repair services for both manual and automatic doors.

To ensure the ongoing safety and compliance of your doors, we also offer personalised maintenance contracts. Our team of expert engineers is available to assist you at every stage, and we encourage you to get in touch with us at 01782 703234 or 07919 117778 to discuss your specific requirements.