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Extend the Lifespan of Your Automatic Door with These Tips

An automatic door is a type of door that opens automatically without the need to be held or touched. There are various types of automatic doors used in various types of facilities and buildings and knowing what is installed in your property can help you in keeping it in good working condition for the longest time possible.

Types of Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are often found in commercial buildings but they can also be used anywhere else. You can find them o schools, pharmacies, universities, office blocks, surgery clinics, and more.

Automatic swing door

This type of door mechanism is often electromechanical and is automated at all times for all users. This is often activated via sensors or push pads. It automatically opens, holds, and closes on its own.

Automatic sliding door

This type of door is common in establishments where huge pedestrian traffic is expected such as airports and shopping mall entrances. It offers a smooth and safe passage of people and goods and is activated when it receives a movement signal inside its activation area.

Automatic push-button doors

It has a push-button installed which opens the door when the user pushed the button. This type of door is often used in locations where disabled access is needed. The person can just press the button and the door will open automatically so they could pass.

Access control

Access control is also a popular option for automatic doors and is often used in hotels and other facilities in the hospitality industry. The door opens when activated by a code or swipe card reader. The people who can access open the door are only those who have the designated keycard.

How to Make Your Automatic Doors Last for a Long Time

Proper maintenance schedule Keeping an automatic door in check regularly is a huge help in making it long-lasting. Make sure to have a reputable door company perform a scheduled visit to check your doors and perform any fix that is needed regardless of how small they are.

Remove any obstruction

If you find any debris or object near your automatic door that could obstruct its performance, you have clear it away to prevent larger and more costly problems.

Listen to the sounds of your door

When passing on the automatic door, notice any weird sounds that are non-existent before. Any changes in its sounds can be a sign that there is a problem with your automatic door and have it checked as soon as possible.

Apply lubricants

If appropriate, you may want to apply a lubricant to the door for a smooth operation. You can also oil the door locks to keep them healthy. The tips above may sound simple, but doing them from time to time has a huge effect on the quality and lifespan of your automatic door. If there is any problem with your automatic door that would require professional help, contact our experts at DUK Doors for dependable and fast services at affordable prices.