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Benefits of Access Control Systems

Our team at DUK Automatic Doors are asked frequently by our customers; what are the benefits of access control systems? In this latest blog post, we aim to explore the main SIX benefits of access control systems and how your premises can be better off with systems installed. Here at at DUK Automatic Doors, we install a wide range of access control systems in the UK including PIN Code systems, Keypad systems, and Biometric systems. Before we get started and into the benefits of access control systems in the UK, what actually are these systems? Essentially, an access control systems are electronically-operated systems that facilitate automated approval for authorised personnel to access the your building or premises. Access control systems are commonly installed at the likes of schools, educational establishments, private offices, banks, and other corporations.  

Access Control Systems UK – Benefits

Simplified Management One of the main benefits of access control systems in the UK for many premises is the fact they provide simplified management. The process of handing employee credentials, tracking, and entrance security can be monitored from one remote location. As technology advancing, access control systems are also evolving to make it much easier for public and private sector organisations to manage what matters the most. Improved Security If you’re looking for ways to improve your security and minimise risk at your building or premises, having a high-tech access control system in place should be one of the first things to consider. The security of your workplace or business matters the most and with access control systems, you can make sure that ONLY the people that should be entering your premises are. Furthermore, access control systems are also great for identifying who has accessed different parts of your building and can also greatly assist with criminal investigations if necessary. Prevent Unwanted Visitors Similarly to the above benefit of improving security and only allowing employees and approved visitors to enter, systems also help to prevent unwanted visitors. For example, there may be a specific PIN code that you set that only wanted visitors have been told for access purposes. Therefore, unwanted visitors will not be able to just walk into your business without being questioned at the very least. No Hassle With Keys When you use a company like DUK Automatic Doors to install and integrate high-quality access control systems, you can say goodbye to the old fashioned and outdated way off accessing your premises. That’s right, say goodbye to your keys! Accessing a business with keys can cause a lot of hassle and fuss. Not to mention, the money and time spent on cutting keys and ensuring that all relevant key-holders have their own set. DUK Doors install high-tech systems with options including PIN Codes, Keypads and Biometrics, to streamline access. Increased Flexibility Another benefit of access control systems is the fact that they offer increased flexibility for employees. For example, if you have employees that are working overtime or flexitime, they can come and go as they please without you, the owner of the business, having to worry about security or access issues. As a result of the increased flexibility that systems provide, you are also likely to benefit from increased output and productivity. Various Options With access control systems, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and various options are available for different industries. PIN Code access systems are particularly popular for educational establishment, such as schools and colleges, with personal pins to access automatic sliding or swinging doors. On the other hand, Keypad systems are more ideal for industrial and commercial-type premises and also support mobile access. if you’re looking for a more advanced type of system for your business, Biometrics may be considered. Biometrics are used in high-security spaces such as banks or government buildings and require fingerprint readers or facial recognition. Contact DUK Doors Today Looking to find out more about access control systems installed by DUK Automatic Doors? Head over to our dedicated access control systems page here to view some of our latest installations. Alternatively, call us today on 01782703234 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.