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Automatic Sliding Doors vs Automatic Swinging Doors

Automatic doors are becoming exceedingly more popular year after year because they serve a number of different industries insanely well. There’s no debate on this but where we do think there is a talking point, is what type of automatic door would be best for you? Two top choices are sliding doors and swinging doors so in this article we’ll give you the rundown on both. We first think it’s important to provide some information on what both of these automatic doors are like some benefits and potential consideration points. You will recognise an automatic sliding door because they’re commonly found in lots of buildings and you use them without taking it in or realising sometimes. For example, they’re often used on buildings where businesses or organisations operate. Storefronts use them to allow lots of people to flow in and out quickly and regularly.

Automatic Sliding Doors

  Now let’s have a look at automatic swinging doors. Automatic swinging doors are very effective at what they do as well. As the name suggests, a swinging automatic door will ‘swing in motion in order to open correctly. You’ll find automatic swinging doors everywhere much like sliding doors. They’re commonly seen in shops, hospitals, storefronts, office buildings, and loads more places too. Automatic swinging doors are easy to install and can be added to existing doors. They have lots of different functions in order to suit the program the user wants and are available from us in a multitude of sizes and shapes. As well as looking fantastic, automatic swinging doors are extremely functional making them a great choice for buildings having lots of people flowing in and out. They’re consistent, require low maintenance and are durable as well. You may be thinking they’re expensive to run however they’re actually very cost-effective both in energy usage and the turnover of traffic. For example, where you may get one person through a doorway at one time with a manual door, an automatic swinging door can let in several. This is particularly useful for a shop where you can get more potential customers in and more actual paying customers out simultaneously. Thus, more opportunity is created for sales. Some other features of automatic swinging doors include; customisable specifications, they open in both directions, infinite door leaf finishes, glazing options, and lots more. So, we hope this article has shed some light on both automatic sliding and automatic swinging doors. In a nutshell, they’re both fantastic options depending on your requirements. Arguments could be made for both sides as to why one is better than another. They’re both made very well, both provide an excellent function and both will last the test of time when in operation. We would advise you to give us a call so we can have a detailed chat about your specific requirements. This way we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate set of solutions for you to browse through. Contact DUK Doors Today Get in touch by sending us an email using our contact form, sending us a message on all major social media channels, or calling this number, 01782703234. We hope to hear from you soon here at DUK Doors.