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Automatic Doors vs Manually Operated Doors

Are automatic doors preferable to manual doors? You would assume that we would say automatic doors if we were an automatic door firm, however, in practice, your needs and perhaps your money will determine your choice. Below there are some notable benefits and differences between automatic doors and manually operated doors. Read below and find out which is best for you and your company! The benefits of automatic doors: Automatic Doors Appearance Consider the exterior of your business or retail location. Imagine it now with newly installed automatic doors, such as a grand glass telescopic door or a basic sliding door configuration that would make it simple for your customers or clients to enter simultaneously. The fact is that automatic doors complement and improve practically any building, even those with utterly boring architecture because they are available in various modern and historical forms. Automatic Doors Save Energy It’s crucial to keep the door to your store or office closed during these difficult economic times and the cost-of-living crisis in order to retain the heat inside or reduce your need for air conditioning. If you have an automatic door system installed, you can be sure that it will only open when someone needs to enter or exit, maintaining a steady temperature whether it is warm or cool. A facility is more accessible with automatic doors: One of the best methods to open up your building’s entry to more visitors is to install an automatic entrance. One in twenty people has a disability that makes it harder for them to move around normally. The elderly, shoppers with trolleys, mothers with strollers, and those in wheelchairs will all appreciate your decision to install a powered door system. Access Control Options  It’s crucial to manage who enters your property, both for security reasons and as a monitoring tool. With the installation of an automatic door, you have access to a variety of cutting-edge access control systems, some of which may automatically regulate the number of guests you have on your property at any one moment. The benefits of manually-operated doors: Less maintenance is required for manually operated doors It makes sense that if your door doesn’t have an automatic opening and closing mechanism, it will need less maintenance. However, a set of contemporary commercial sliding doors placed by a reliable supplier of automated doors won’t need a lot of maintenance and the better ones will offer a thorough maintenance schedule to guarantee that your automatic doors give you a lifetime of essentially uninterrupted service. Doors that operate manually cost less There is no simpler solution than a piece of wood and a few hinges if all you need is a cheap entrance option. While it is true that a manual entrance is less expensive than an automatic solution, there are numerous automatic doors available at various price points. A motorised swing door system is the solution if you’re seeking an affordable automatic door system that can be used to upgrade almost any kind of existing door. Classic Style While not a notable advantage, some organisations prefer to maintain a traditional appearance and feel to their facilities, in which case a properly placed, traditionally styled manually operated swing door is the ideal choice. Again, automatic doors come in more conventional designs as well, such as traditional swing and slide designs. Although team automatic typically prevails in the age-old debate over whether automated or manually operated doors are superior, you shouldn’t allow that to stop you from purchasing a high-quality manually operated door if it fits your needs and your budget. You have to put yourself and your company/space first. Looking to get in touch with DUK Automatic Door Specialists today? Please get in touch with us today on 01782 703234 or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.