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Automatic Doors For Education

DUK Automatic Door Specialists install automatic doors for the education sector. We have an abundance of experience installing automatic doors for schools, colleges, and universities. Within most education establishments, you will see at least 3-4 automatic doors installed throughout the premises, and for good use too. The benefits of automatic doors (both sliding and swinging) make them a perfect choice for education. DUK Automatic Doors have installed hundreds of automatic doors for schools, colleges, and universities throughout the UK. Automatic doors help to create a fantastic first impression and they are particularly ideal for this sector due to the fact that they provide unrivalled accessibility benefits. Within educational establishments, such as schools, controlling security is one of the very top priorities. Thankfully, automatic doors provide immense security benefits that can be easily combined with access control systems. Moreover, automatic doors are also fantastic for efficiently managing the influx of traffic that educational establishments encounter on a daily basis. Furthermore, having professionally installed automatic doors at your school will ensure that you are fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act. This is a legal responsibility of any establishment that must ensure that people with disabilities are not discriminated against and can access your premises easily and without difficulty. Automatic sliding doors (usually installed at the entrance of your school) also provide fantastic energy-efficient savings. Doors are censored and therefore only open when people are passing through. This helps to reduce energy bills and keep the internal environment at an ideal temperature throughout the cold and warmer months.

Automatic Doors For Education

DUK Automatic Doors are regularly asked to installed automatic sliding doors at the entrance of schools, colleges, and universities. We are also commonly requested to install automatic swinging doors throughout educational establishments which work intelligently by operating via an electronic mechanical device that operates by a hinged door for the use of traffic flow. Whether you are looking to replace a manual door and replace with a much more efficient automatic door or you require an upgrade on an existing automatic doors, we are here to help and offer our expertise. Compared to traditional doors, automatic doors offer a much safer and productive alternative for students, teachers, and even parents that may be visiting your school for parents evenings or other important meetings. Over the past decade or so, we have successfully installed hundreds of automatic sliding and automatic swinging doors at private schools, public schools, colleges, and universities. We’ve got the passion and experience to match so we’d be delighted to help you.

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