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Are You Compliant?

Is Your Door Health and Safety Compliant?

Business owners should always be aware of the fact that regular maintenance of doors is an important part of health and safety legislation. Whatever type of doors there are in your commercial space, be it an automatic door or a fire exit, there have to be regular safety checks and maintenance routines scheduled.

Why Door Maintenance is Necessary

It is common to see poorly functioning doors in public spaces, such as doors slamming, failing to fully shut or lock, and other seemingly small problems. The reason why most of us are putting up poorly functioning doors is that they are always taken for granted until they are not working anymore and a replacement is required asap.

Any door issues could have been prevented with regular maintenance. Most hardware for commercial doors comes with maintenance instructions that could be done easily. These small and correct maintenances could prevent the possibility of encountering costly and life-threatening problems in times of emergency.

In high-traffic buildings where hundreds of people get in and out of the door every day, doing simple routine maintenance such as checking the door closing mechanism is good enough to ensure that the entire door is functioning properly, can be used properly, and that it meets the fire exit requirements.

Fire Exit Doors Maintenance

Since fire exit doors are rarely used, it can be easy to forget about their need for maintenance. But for these door sets to work their best in times of emergencies, they have to be kept in optimal condition. According to the British Standards (BS8300 and BS8214), manual exit doors are required to be examined twice a year, specifically the door closing mechanisms, panic bars, paddle handles, pivots, and hinges.

The same legislation covers fire exit door maintenance. However, each component of the fire exit door also comes with its standards. The closers and panic bars are covered by the British Standards BSEN1125 and 1154 which require panic hardware to get a monthly inspection and be serviced twice a year.

Fire Doors Maintenance

Fire doors, or the doors located on stairwells, are a critical safety feature of any building. Their primary function is to maintain the fire separation of compartment walls so flame and smoke would not spread in the exit routes, giving occupants enough time to safely evacuate.

Properly working fire doors is very important during a fire incident. If it cannot fully close or is damaged, the adjacent fire compartment of a building may become breached and be covered with fire and smoke earlier than the intended time.

All fire doors have to be installed properly and maintained regularly for them to protect lives and the remaining parts of the building.

Automatic Doors Maintenance

Automatic doors are covered by the BS EN 16005 / BS7036-0 which indicates that necessary risk assessments and servicing are required at least once a year. These assessments will determine and ensure that the automatic doors are maintained according to the instructions set by the manufacturer.

Most automatic door manufacturers specify an annual service but it could also depend on the level of traffic and the type of building where an automatic door is used. Automatic doors in hospitals, airports, commercial centres, and other high-traffic areas require a more frequent maintenance routine.

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