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5 Ways To Keep Your Automatic Door in Pristine Condition

Have you ever wondered about the best ways to your automatic in pristine condition so that it can last longer and therefore avoid costly repairs? In this latest blog, we are going to cover the best five ways to keep your automatic door in pristine condition for the years to come. Whether you have just recently installed automatic sliding or automatic swinging doors, these top five tips will be highly relevant and important for looking after your automatic door in the best way possible. It’s easy to neglect your automatic door, perhaps more so than a manually-operated door, as automatic doors do all the work for us and we can often take this for granted. However, just like manually-operated doors, automatic doors require servicing too. If automatic doors are well-looked after on a yearly basis, it’s likely that they can last for up to 20+ years in many cases. Here are our top five tips to keep your automatic door in pristine condition… 1.) Check For Debris One of the best ways to keep your automatic door in pristine condition is to check for debris on a weekly or monthly basis. Especially if you work in a location and type of business where you have hundreds of people entering and exiting your building, your automatic door can easily attract debris and outdoor elements that can get stuck in the sensors and other components of the door. 2.) Automatic Door Servicing Automatic doors should be formally serviced at least once every six months to ensure that all components are working as they should. Automatic door servicing is also important to ensure safety for all customers using the doors. Whether you have newly installed automatic sliding or automatic swinging doors, companies just like DUK Doors can ensure that your doors are serviced twice annually. 3.) Pay Attention To Sounds If you hear something that doesn’t sound right with your automatic doors, there is a high probability that something needs urgently seeing too. Percuillair noises coming from your automatic door is something that should be paid attention to. To get into the habit of becoming aware of the sound of your automatic doors and any potential issues, take some time every 2-3 weeks to be attentive to any changing noises. 4.) Weather Checks Especially in the colder winter months, you may want to check for any build-up of ice on your door components. Specifically, we recommend checking your door’s sensors, door frame, and the automatic door itself. If a build of ice isn’t eliminated, this can significantly interfere with your door’s functionality and cause irreversible damage to your damage which may result in a costly replacement that could have otherwise been avoided. 5.) Run Tests The sensors within your automatic door are incredibly important and for your doors to run effectively and productively, your sensors need to be in full working mode. When issues start to arise with your sensors, this can affect the functionality of your door and may even slow down business. We recommend running tests for your automatic door to confirm the efficiency of your sensors at least once every few months for best practice. Automatic Sliding & Swinging Doors Whether you have automatic sliding or swinging doors installed at your premises, the above tips are incredibly important to best maintain your automatic door and ensure that it’s operating at its maximum efficiency. A proactive approach to maintaining your automatic doors is always better than a reactive one which could cost you thousands of pounds to repair or replace. Having a service contract agreement with a local and reliable automatic door company just like DUK Automatic Doors is essential for maintaining your door and maximising its lifespan. This will guarantee that your doors get serviced by professional engineers at least twice per year at a minimum. Service agreements are available to all types of businesses across the public and private sectors.